Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Our family Thanksgiving was a blast. We had alot of Fun with Family and it was busy time. I am finally ready to post about it. I have to admit that I've been bad about posting cuz I am now posting to two sites. I started up a account on Facebook. So if any of my readers are on facebook let me know. I already have two gals I added to my friends list from blogger. My sisters started up on facebook, so it was a way to connect with family members alot easier. Ok now back to Thanksgiving. I had my entire family over for Thanksgiving this year. It was alot of FUN. I had 2 Thanksgiving Dining Tables to set. I had my main table....and we set up Doug's Grandma's (Inherited) Table in my Front room(across from the Main dining room). So the tables weren't together but right across the hall from one another. I set my sisters and Brothers and Spouses at the main table....and the young adults and kids at the second table. Worked out GREAT! I found these Turkey plates at the Homegoods Store. I wanted to jazz up my table so instead of costing a fortune and buying new plates or dishes.....I bought dessert plates(16) and used them on top of my big plates. I even bought two colors: Brown and Pinkish/red. So I was able to alternate the dishes. That really made it nice for a contrast effect. LOVE IT! Here's some views of the festivities: Main Table

I bought a new tablecloth for my main table(the damask green) and used a square cloth I already had and angled it in the middle. It helped add some colors into the table. I made the centerpiece for the table out of some discounted fake gourds I found. I also bought some fake leafs and used them throughout the table. I even layered the leaves under my candle to give the table that FALL FEEL. Super easy and fun!

2nd Table:

View of the tables across the hall from one another.

I already had the tablecloth for this table. It was Doug's grandma's table. So I had Doug's Grandma Tablecloth too. Vintage Tablecloth...LOVE IT! So I used the cloth and I added a simple Runner down the middle. Jazzed the center up with a Hurricane Mosaic Candle I already had in my porch. Along with the Mosaic candles to match. I also layered the leaves under the candles on this table. I found cute Turkey Party boxes at Party City. I thought it would be fun to leave a party favor for everyone. So I used the boxes and put some homemade trail mix inside. Below is just a pix of the food. I didn't get a very good photo/my camera is on the fritz. Time for a new camera I am afraid. Of course my fav. photo of the night/birds eye view of the party goers. It was nice for our family to be together. Such a hard Spring/Summer when Mom passed away and at that very time.....we decided as a family to get together for the holidays for some FUN. Since alot of family live out of state....and my brother leaves for Arizona every year before Christmas. We decided on Thanksgiving. It was nice for all of us to get together for a cheery celebration.

I will post some more candid photos and some more photos from Thanksgiving next post. Thanks for Stoppin by!


Susan said...

Great pictures, looks like you had a great time.

Danielle said...

WOW WOW WOW..... I adore your turkey plates ~ they are so beautiful :)

Your tables are gorgeous :D Everything looks PERFECT!!!!