Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Aaron's 5th Birthday

I bet you guessed already on the THEME of Aaron's bday bash. Yes, this year he got to pick it and he wanted SPONGE BOB! He even picked out the cake.

Here some pixs of the Birthday Boy!

Here some Presents Aaron enjoyed for his 5th bday. I thought this one was so appropriate for the occasion:

My Sister Charline got Aaron this Sponge Bob cuddle pillow. So cute! Aaron LOVED his new Pillow.
He even gave Sponge Bob a bday Kiss! Sweet!

Aaron also got a play tent.........and had fun playing in the tent but it was so windy out that day. Luckily the tent didn't blow away.

We had a little picnic in the porch again. I had mentioned my sister Char was in town for Aaron bday and So was my Sister Francine.

Judy and Dave (MIL & FIL)enjoyed the picnic too and I got this cute as ever pix of Aaron and Judy together
and this is what we ate for our picnic brunch. Sloppy Joes, Veggie pasta salad, Grapes and Chip and Dip.
Than we had cake and here is the cake Aaron picked out for his bday. More Sponge Bob of course! Oh, and Wanda here is a pix of the lanterns too. Blue ones from Sears, Green from Kohl's.
I should have got video of Aaron blowing out the candles but here's a look at a bunch of photos of it.

Pix of My sisters and I together sitting in the porch and enjoying the breezes. Than it was time to get out the most important present of the day. We waited until the last minute, cuz as You will see in the photos...............Aaron was THRILLED and I figured he would never leave the yard once he saw his "BIG" present.

Like father like son(he's looking under the hood).
Aaron decided Sponge Bob needed a ride in the new Wheels too. LOL!

Aaron is going to have alot of fun driving this F150 Ford Truck around the yard. It has a real radio that plays so he listens to KS95 or Cities 97. He's already mastered the controls.

At the end of the day................we made Camp Aaron in the backyard. We felt so guilty not having time this summer to go camping with Aaron. So I thought it would be nice for him to set up the tent in the backyard and go camping all weekend long. Oh, did he enjoy that. Good thinking for MOM right??? It was a winner........and we even had a campfire too. I love this kinda camping.........right by my house where I can Sleep INSIDE(LOL...LOL....LOL)!

We ended the day by sitting by the campfire.................Aaron had a really laid back birthday party. IT was really nice and I am glad my sisters were here to enjoy it with us.


Danielle said...

Happy 5th Birthday Aaron!!!!!

WOW, it looks like he had a FABULOUS time on his birthday :) What a lucky little man :D

LOVE the huge Spongebob in his new truck ~ too cute!!!!

Sandy Michelle said...

Happy Belated Birthday to sweet Aaron!!! What a fun day! You sure know how to throw a cool party! My daughter had a SB birthday as well and got the same SB pillow :) Aaron is waaay lucky to get that car from you guys!


MNScrapbookmom said...

Oh... I just love your celebrations. You are a tremendous host and party planner. Aaron's birthday just looks like fun !!! Happy Birthday Aaron !!! Can't believe that he is 5... My son has the same SB pillow, and has had it for many years. Somehow, the pillow always makes it through toy sorting to goodwill.
Great post... ¥

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey there,
so so cute!!!
looks like you all had a blast.