Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Porch Inspiration

Here is a GREAT porch inspiration from the Better Homes and Gardens May issue. Love all the decorating ideas in this porch. Love the aqua blue ceiling and white walls with all those fun colors. I really like how they made plain roll shade look like awning material.

This porch has the windows and isn't screened in but it has alot of good ideas in this article. check out this view of the whole porch. I think the ceiling really makes this porch. This porch caught my eye because I was originally thinking of using two tone color in my porch(one color for walls and one for ceiling). I am still debating if I will use color on the ceiling but I really like this one alot.

Another idea I got outta this article was using 2 end tables(like above) as a coffee table setting. I like having two tables to work with and it was alot cheaper to buy two end tables than one coffee size table(go figure)?

I love what they did with this jute type rug. Adding the smaller orange scroll rugs to a larger jute rug. Gives it that punch of color.

I hope you can read these articles by clicking on the image. It should be easier to read enlarged.

This is nice if you have the space. Love all the storage baskets!
Very cool idea on the pillow patterns. I hope this article gives you some ideas for your own home projects.

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Danielle said...

WOW...those are beautiful pics of porches! You must be getting soooooooooooooooo anxious for yours to be done!!!!

Can't wait to see the pics :D