Saturday, March 8, 2008

New Banner

Just thought I would explain my Easter Banner. Some of you that are regular to my blog.......already know the story behind the Crochet Bunny. For those that don't know......Doug's Grandma crochet this bunny and my MIL passed the Crochet bunny onto our family. It's a tradition now for our Easter to include this Crochet Bunny that Doug's Grandma Made. I thought it only fitting to use the bunny for the banner this year. Every Year the Bunny will show up here and there and everywhere. That is until Aaron gets old enough to pass the bunny onto his future family. Gotta Love Traditions and handmade treasures that are personal from the heart. I made this poster last year and posted it to my blog. So if it looks familiar that is why. I can't wait to make Muffin take some pixs with the crochet bunny soon. She hates it but it's fun to get a pix of Muffin with the bunny. I hope everyone is gearing up for Upcoming Easter celebration.


MNScrapbookmom said...

Love this bunny - but I can't crochet. I can knit, but there are never any cool patterns for bunnies for knitters. I have looked a bazillion times. This bunny is adorable. ¥

Sandy said...

What a sweet tradition..the bunny is so cute! I have been procrastinating on the Easter decor even though we're snowed in-yikes. Hope I can hop to it soon enough.LOL!

Danielle said...

That little crochet bunny is adorable!!!! I love that it was passed down to your family too - how sweet :)

A great tradition!!!!