Thursday, January 31, 2008

Muffin Bday Time

Happy Birthday to MUFFIN! I gave her a special treat. I call it a Chicken Lollipop Treat. *ha* She loves those things. Here she is ...........I made her work for it even tho it's her birthday today.
Here she is finally getting her treat to eat. She took it straight to her pillow and chowed down.
I think she likes it alot! Muffin is easy to please for her birthday.
Gettin ready tonight to watch the premiere of LOST! I thought it was lastnight. SO I had Doug bring home takeout....and everything. So we would be ready to watch it and it turns out it was a repeat of last year. *ha* I guess I have to check my TV guide listings better. Anyway, the pizza is on it's way(order out again) and I have to scoot and get ready. PLease leave a bday greeting for muffin if you stop by. She would love to hear from you and it would make her doggie Day. For the lost fans............ENJOY! I am looking forward to seeing (sawyer again.......SOB....his fav word....hee hee hee...he's always the charmer).


The Mrs. said...

Happy Birthday muffin! Too cute. I've always wanted a dog like that! Cute! Great blog!!!

MNScrapbookmom said...

Happy Birthday Muffin !!! Looks like you LOVED your treat !!! ¥

Wonderdahl said...

Happy Birthday Muffin! Your still a young sprout! I'm a year older than you, and still doing great! My mom doesn't get me chicken lollipops, your a lucky dog!
Best wishes-


Danielle said...

Happy Birthday Muffin!!!! Too cute :) *she's only 1 day apart from me ~ COOLIO!!!*

About LOST (I just read your comments on my blog) ~ OMG that 1st episode was many different questions, and COOLIO about the screenshot you sent me :) WOW!!!!

Laume said...

Happy birthday Muffin! boy, I wish that my kids were as easily gifted for their birthdays! hehe.