Monday, October 1, 2007

New Halloween Decor

Happy October to everyone! I finally got around to gettin my Halloween Decor out. Set up all my Halloween displays thru the house. Aaron was totally excited about all of that. He loves the lights and the pumpkins. Banner above is of my Halloween decor area of my kitchen. I like to put hay bales and fall leafs all over.
This is not the new decor but below are a few new items I bought. I splurged on some Yankee Candle Company items. They had such cute Halloween candles and scents. My fav is the purr-chouli.

I ended up getting this Halloween platter at Jo Ann's Fabric. Wanted something for my Yankee Candles to sit on and burn freely. Here it is in the glow!

I bought a fun spooky ghost

Last year during the clearance time of the year. Bought this spook from Avon of all places. Ended up loving it. It's a fiber optic Ghost. Love how he lights up so nice and changes colors. Below is some more purchases from Yankee Candle Company. Love the shade with the silhouettes that light up in a cool glow.

Another spooky ghost I got from Avon. This one is very breakable....but lights up with all kinds of colors too.

Sorry this is crazy fast lots of mistakes...well more than usual. Ha! Need to get to bed. It's vacation time or BUST! Taken a break next few days. Happy October!!!


MNScrapbookmom said...

Oh...look at all your cool stuff... All my stuff I have had forever. I am getting new stuff this year slowly.. A little here, a little there. I love Halloween. :) ¥

Sandy said...

So nice that you were able to get away for the weekend! Thanks for writing me from there! I love your Halloween decor and banner. It definitely is exciting for the kids when you bust out the decor!We don't have a Joann's here but whenever I go to the States I make sure to visit one! Our Yankee candles are called Country Home. Lots of delicious smells to chose from!Enjoy the trip and the Fall!

Danielle said...

OMG I love decorating for Halloween!!! how fun :)

I love all of your little candles, ghost decorations and the hay & leaves are PERFECT!!!!

You're a great decorator!!!!