Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Treat Bags

Oh yeah, it's that time of year again. Every year for Halloween I make treat bags for the neighborhood trick or treaters. I started making the bags when we first moved into our neighborhood. We had no idea how many kids would be at our door. So we barely bought any candy. Oh my gosh...did we learn the hard way. Turns out that HAY WAGON's full of twenty kids at a time came to our door. I am not kidding either. We had over a hundred or more kids. So the next year I was better prepared. I found it really hard to pass the candy out to twenty kids at the door at the same time. As alot of our neighbors get together with other neighbors and do hay wagons thru the neighborhood. So at least 10 to 15 to 2o kids on a wagon. It's like they were all at the door at the same time. So I thought these treat bags would make it way more easier to just give them the bag. Instead of digging for random candy. This method worked great. Plus, it helps me keep a head count for the following year. Now that we have been in our area for more then ten years.........the number of kids has dropped alot. Last year we had 60 kids or so and maybe only one big hay wagon. So I made 70 bags this year. If we get more kids than treat bags....I have a stash of candy to pass out if we run out. We have never run out. We do get way less hay wagons. Although, alot of our neighbors make their Snowmobile trailers into a hay wagons and have heaters inside with hay bales. So much fun! Good idea too because it's always super cold for Halloween. We might do the snowmobile trailer thing in the future. Right now Aaron is just too young for that. We drive to all the houses. We have acreage lots so the houses are spread out pretty far from each other. Thus, we need a vehicle. Especially since it's always so cold out.

I made all 70 treat bags Friday Night.

Here is a pix of all the hard work I did stuffing them full of goodies(Mike Ike's and Hot Tamales, Snickers, smarties, skittles,M&M's,Lollipops,Kit Kat). All candies are Mini sizes. Here they are all done on my center island.

My Son Aaron helped me stuff the bags. He's a good little helper.

I bought these bags at Target. Love the witch, Pumpkin, Ghost on the bags.

Just another view of all the bags below

THE WITCHES, THE PUMPKINS, THE GHOSTS and in the CUB box ready to go for Halloween Night. I am happy to get this chore DONE! I eat way too much candy while I stuff the bags.

I even had enough candy to make 8 more treat bags. I didn't have enough bags so instead I used these I had left over last year. These treat bags are for our annual Halloween Dinner party we have for Doug's family. We are having it on Tuesday night. Can't wait! Were having spooky pot roast, Monster Mash potatoes and graveyard gravy, scarecrow corn and eyeball rolls.~ha! Along with some chopped off head of salad greens. The dessert will be Vampire Pie with a side of Blood. Eerie dinner plans anyone? really just plain food. I'll try to get pixs of that festivities when they happen. Can't wait til the will be a FUN time.

Speaking of fun. Remember my last post? About the Anoka, MN being the Halloween Capital. Well, we thought we would go check out the Halloween decorated houses that won prizes. All I can say is ....oh my gosh! Crazy! Wild! The first prize winner was fun, and spooky. That house had his entire lawn full of a crazy gory Halloween scene. He had full size zombies in his yard with a theme of a crazy hospital operating theme. The second prize winner house was even more loaded with tons of stuff. The main thing being a old car decorated with halloween lights. The third prize winner was the super coolest deal YET! I think he should have gotten first place. His whole entire home was made into a Halloween house. He even boarded up his home to look creepy. Ha! We went by to gawk at the house and sat there awhile and noticed people were getting outta their cars and walking thru his yard. Soon a man approached us in our car with a spooky FULL suited Halloween character costume. He gave us his "business Card" and told us to come look around. So we did with everyone else. So much fun. The man that owned the home was super friendly. Talked to us for awhile and told us he has been in the contest for 15 years. he probably wins all the time. Every year just buys a little more to add to the home. He said he doesn't do the Halloween house only for the contest. He uses it for the community for fun at Halloween. He just had the BOY Scouts troops over the other night and some firefighter group over another night for gatherings. I love when people really do fun things for the community like that. It really is alot of dedication involved in giving of your place like that. My son just loved the house. Lots of fun Halloween lights. I can't even explain how cool it was. I have no pixs to share..........I doubt you can even capture that in a photo at night. Ha! Super fun tho. Will go again next year for sure! We drove all around Anoka and lots of homes had decorated for Halloween. next year we are going to try to catch the night parade. I think that one would be fun all lite up for Halloween. Just love this time of's so much fun and just love the spooky lights.

Speaking of FUN.....before i go here. I wanted to share a couple pixs I got tonight of Muffin. When we got home she was lonesome so I thought I would torture her with some goofy photos of her. Poor Shih Tzu! She was not HAPPY. Check it out

Ha, ha, ha.....oh yeah, she's super mad! I achieved this look with my Son's pj bottoms. Tied them onto Muffin's head. Look their ghost pj's too. I wanna call this "look" Little Miss Muppet. hee!


Danielle said...

OMG I've never seen so many treat bags in my life ehhehehehe :) We don't get that many kids here since they have parties at the malls and community centers :D

I love your Halloween Treat bags....super cute!!!

LOVE the pic of Muffin too :D

Kory Dordea said...

WOW! That's a lot of treat bags!!!

Love the picture of your doggie dressed up! My cat is going to be a spider this year and he HATES his costume. When I put it on him he freezes and looks like he's in a coma or something.

Sandy said...

Wow are you ever generous! Those treats look fantastic! Muffin's looking super cute as well. You write the best blogs girl! Can't wait to see your Halloween pictures!

Cheryl Wray said...

Those treat bags look GREAT!!!

And i would love to see all the decorated houses. How fun!!!