Sunday, February 11, 2007

Wishlist, wants and NEEDS

Drum Roll Please............................................................................................

Did any of you guess my Wish list item right??? Here it is: the new quickutz tool. It's called : Revolution and it works as a desktop die cutter. That's all I know so far. If anyone has this tool that is reading my blog....please let me know in comment section if this tool is worth getting.

I really don't use my other quickutz hand tool that much. Mostly because it kills my hand. I just have such a hard time cutting those dies. I must be a weakling or something but I have to push so hard. I can barely get my die to cut. I like the thought of just turning a lever. Plus, it stores away in this cute storage box. It has very slick and classic design too. I think this tool is compatible with the old dies. This tool can cut dies that are bigger/which is new to quickutz. So it would give me an excuse to buy new dies too. Hope my Hubby is reading this. So he can catch my real *suttle* hint~hee!

Of course, If I get the new Quickutz....I will need a new storage for the new dies I will get in the future. I love this wall unit. So super cute and functional. Right now, I store my dies in a folder. This is so much more fun. I don't think I have room in my Scrap room for this. I still want it tho/because it's just so dang cute. It comes in white too/and can pick out the cute tins colors. SWEET! I don't expect this for Valentine's day. I already spent too much ......but this is going to be high on my list to get in the future. I can hardly wait to get RID of the old die cutting tool. Maybe Archiver's will have it in/and I can try it out BEFORE I buy. Plus, get 30 % off. That would be NICE!

I need to go here.....falling asleep at the computer. I need to take a nap. I stayed up all night. Not scrapbooking either. I was suppose to be working on my new Layouts. However, I made mistake of looking thru my Scrapbook Etc....Magazine(LOVE THAT MAG). I really enjoyed this issue.......and I found a cool article. It was on projects that one could do for Valentine's Day. I needed to make something for my Holiday area in my kitchen. I usually just put some photos in my heart photo holder. I never even got around to doing any projects. Than, I had to see that article in Scrapbooks Etc. So super cute.......they used chipboard hearts and altered them with photos and embellies. Do you know what I am talking about? Did you see the article? Fun I ended up working on that all night. I will share my results soon. Right now I am off to dream land.

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Doug said...

Looks like a nice machine. Maybe if your a good girl it could come your way!!