Friday, December 22, 2006

Making the Cards..........

Here is my envelopes I made for my cards. First is the front and the next is the back. I just recently bought more Flourish stamps from Autumn Leaves....LOVE THESE! I used them on my cards. Some I used in black and red and than the others I used with Green and red ink.

I made the postage stamp of Muffin from Photo stamp online-there is a link to it on Kodak Easy share site. I made a fun pix of Muffin wearing a Christmas hat. I also sent out a photo of it to everyone I gave a card too. It was just too cute.......muffin the cuss wearing a hat! Obviously I had put the hat on her in my photo program...the dog would have protested to much with a real hat. Not everyone I sent a card the actual stamp. I only made one sheet/as they were $$$ than a normal stamp. SO I only ended up with 20 stamps. However, everyone got the photo.

Here I am working on the stamping. Love the flourish stamps but the Cherish stamp was from QVC order .....I bought some Brenda Walton Stamp kit. It is such a versatile kit/I highly suggest it to anyone looking to increase their Clear stamp collection. The kit came with several size alphabet stamps....and alot of word sayings like the one above: Cherish. Alot of basics like family stuff and wedding and baby stamps. Love the kit! The font is great too/very chunky alphas and easy to use with anything. After using clear stamps I will never ever go back to wood. They are sooo super great to see what your stamping. I am stamp this was such a great product they came out with for the non stampers and stampers alike. Great....can't say enough about them. Easy to clean and store too. I had a great time stamping these envelopes. The ease of the stamps and love the clear blocks too. Makes for easy stamping.

Here is my assembly line on the stamping. See I used Staz on ink. Love that stuff!

Sorry, I had to paste these pixs together ....that accordion card was hard to scan in. Didn't fit I scanned in twice and pieced together. You get the idea tho. Some of you got this card. I made two cards this year. I gave this one to family members. The other I made for friends and family too. This one just had more photos of Aaron. It was expensive so I made only 10 of these.

I ran to my favorite store: Archivers......and bought some embellies to put on the cards. I used KI Joyful Kit.......and it worked for all my cards. Love KI and they had such fun "bling, bling" embellies.

I also used Making Memories color Rub Ons. The tag I made with my new Quickutz tag and some left over Chatterbox cardstock paper.

I also used Making Memories word & Glitter embellies. These were fun and added alot! I was able to put a different one on each card and the glitter effect was great! Only thing is: they were not low they made the card a bit bulky but that's ok...alittle bulk never hurts and it gave it more 3D look.

The big Epoxy sticker was so fun. IT is really shimmery and glittery. I can't remember what product it was ??? The epoxy stickers had word sayings on them like: Family, Joy, Faith, Celebrate etc... on them and seem to fit perfect with my cards.

Here is the accordion card folded. It folded down to this nice size. I used the KI embellies(paper clips) to hold the card together. Those worked great! Otherwise, the card would have been hard to manage folded? That kit I picked up worked great for my cards...Have I said that already...LOL! Love it! The flower was a Prima I picked up at Target. Yes, Target now has Prima flowers for alot cheaper than now and get yours!

Here is a look at what my scrap room look like........getting the cards ready. I had quite the mess going everywhere. Do you see your card??? It was fun sending them all out/with different embellies on each card.

Just another look at more cards everywhere!

See your card yet?

These are my other cards I sent out. You most likely got this one as I sent out more of these. I order them from They had alot of fun cards to pick from with many pictures to post on one card. I also jazzed these cards up with my embellies. I loved how the rub on worked on the card. I had some empty spots right in the places I could use the embellies. I didn't even plan that out. It just happened. SO I used the embellies to fill those places. I had bought just the right amount to make all the cards and no left overs either. Worked great!

The cards once again, all over the scrap room. I am so glad I now have a place to do all my crafty stuff. My scrap room came in handy when doing my cards. I had the mess and could close the door and just leave it. It was great! It might be a small room but it sure is nice to have the space for this kinda thing. I use to do my cards on my lap on the floor. This was much better!!! I have to say I had alot of fun doing all my cards this year. I think buying special things to put on the cards and the stamping made it more exciting to put together.

Here is a closer look at the inside of the cards. I hope every one's bling, bling stars stayed on in the mail. ~hee~ I used glue it should have held!

More views: this was the 3 quickutz tag I made. Had those long tags from Making Memories, so I used 3 tags on them for a backdrop. I got the quickutz tag for a heck of a deal. half price.....GREAT!

More cards everywhere: this time they are on top my fridge area. I used every possible space I had in my scrap room. Doug said, I had to get pixs of all the mess.

The last pixs: Getting the cards ready to send out in the mail. Everyone got some photos I sent out of Muffin and Aaron. I also thru in a note from all of us. I let everyone know about this blog spot. I hope to see you all visit our blog. Don't forget to leave a comment so we know you were here visiting. I am excited to share all our family happenings here. Some scrapbooking of course, and everything else that will be going on in the future! I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year!!!

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